Workshops Available

Presentations Available

  • Co-occurring Disorders

    1.5 – 3.0 Hour workshop that provides education on Co-occurring Disorders. Discussion is focuses on most common mental health diagnosis, treatment planning options and case presentation.

  • HIV Education

    1.5 – 3.0 Hour workshop that provides the attendee with the most accurate information for HIV with a focus on the HIV+ Substance abusing client. Discussion is on symptoms, statistics and treatment planning.

  • STD Education

    Discussion of the major Sexually Transmitted Infections, including bacterial and viruses. Symptoms, treatment and prevention will be discussed as well as statistical information.

  • Gender Issues

1.5 CEU Workshop with discussion of Gender and Transgender issues, including being a Gender Affirming Therapist

Educational Information

As an educator and presenter on these topics and I work in the field of Mental Health, Addiction and HIV/AIDS, these issues are important to me. Therefore, I find the need to post correct information.

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